SIDI Wire Air Vent Carbon Shoes

SIDI Wire Air Vent Carbon Shoes

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SIDI Wire Air Vent Carbon Shoes

While the combination of "wire" and "air" typically calls to mind the unpleasant thought of high-wire walking, Sidi's Wire Carbon Air Shoes are the exact opposite of unsecured, risky stunts. With an updated, secure Tecno 3 Push buckle system and a stiff, durable carbon sole, the shoes' only concession to maximum protection comes in the form of the increased ventilation of their thoroughly perforated Lorica Vernice uppers. The combination of these three features makes the Wire Carbon Air the peloton's top choice when July's high MTBs and high temperatures conspire to ruin an otherwise pleasantly grand tour.

Like its predecessor, the slightly redesigned Tecno-3 Push system involves two ratcheting dials, Sidi's proprietary, non-stretch wire, and a customizable fit at the instep and forefoot. The Push in the buckles' title refers to the incorporation of a red button on the unit that releases the ratchet's lever for quick adjustment, saving you the onerous task of flipping the lever up yourself. At ride's end, pinching two release buttons on either side of the dial loosens the wire. As with all of Sidi's fastening hardware, you can easily fiddle with the Tecno 3 Push buckles in the saddle.

The new model year of Wire Air shoes sees a return of Sidi's superlative vented carbon fiber sole. It shares the same construction method that Sidi developed with its Carbon Lite sole, yet it relegates the "Lite" model to the heavy bin by losing an additional 38 grams in the process with no corresponding loss of efficiency. The weight loss may be due to the negative space of the vents, which shuttle cooling air into interior channels. The vent can be opened or closed depending on the temperature and your preferences even in the middle of a ride.

Also returning from previous top-shelf offerings is Sidi's improved Heel Security System (or HSS), which keeps your foot positively planted in the shoe. It involves a rigid, composite band that can be tightened or loosened to adjust the amount of play you allow your heels. The shoe's tongue and instep strap have both been padded generously to allow for supreme comfort with tight buckles. Finally, all of the buckles, wires, outsole lugs, and heel retention devices are fully replaceable

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